Flying Legends Tucano Replica

Flying Legends Tucano Replica for sale by United Aircraft Sales

Step into the cockpit of the Tucano replica from Flying Legends, a stunning 70% scale replica of the iconic Embraer EMB 312 aircraft used by the Brazilian Airforce. This replica is powered by a 135 horsepower supercharged Rotax 912 ULS engine, and offers a maximum cruise speed of 130 knots (TAS) (MSL) at 85% power. The aircraft has a fuel burn of around 7.1 US gallons per hour at 65% power, providing a range of around 630 nautical miles.

With its military-inspired grey and black paint scheme, the Tucano replica is a striking and authentic tribute to the original design. The Tucano replica is designed to be aerobatic and offers exciting performance for pilots, making it an excellent choice for aviation enthusiasts looking for an aircraft that’s both beautiful and thrilling to fly.

With its great performance and eye-catching design, the Tucano replica from Flying Legends is an aircraft that’s sure to turn heads wherever you go.


Total Time
308.6 hours
Max Speed
130 knots
Maximum Range
630 nm
Manufacturer Flying Legends
Model Tucano Replica
Year 2014
Total Time Since New (Airframe) 308.6 hours
Manufacturer Rotax
Model 912 ULS (Supercharged)
TBO Interval 2,000 hours
Total Time Since New 308.6 hours
Make/Model Warp Drive (Constant Speed)
TBO Interval 2,000 hours
Total Time Since New 308.6 hours
Description Last Done
Annual Inspection 04 November 2022
Description Make/Model
Front Cockpit
Airspeed Indicator – Falcon
Altimeter – Falcon
Vertical Speed Indicator – Falcon
Compass CM-24
Fuel Quantity Gauge – FlyBox
Slip Indicator – Winter
MAP Gauge – Flygas
CHT and EGT Gauges – VDO
Oil Temperature Gauge – MGL Statomaster
Tachometer – Falcon
Flap Indicator – FlyBox
Trim Indicator – Ray Allen
Propeller Pitch Indicator and Controller – FlyBox
Undercarriage position indicator lights
BRS Ballistic Parachute
Rear Cockpit Dynon Skyview EFIS

Black leather tandem seating


Military Grey and Black

  • Retractable Gear
  • Dual Controls
  • Dual Rudder System
  • Dual Throttle System
  • BRS Ballistic Chute
  • Supercharger
R1 ,395 ,000
Aircraft Type Piston Engine
Year 2014
Total Time 308.6 hours
Passengers 1
Maximum Range 630 nm

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